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John Carpenter’s Lost Themes II

On the 15th of April, 2016, the dark prince returns to terrorise that thing you call inner-peace.

You may have escaped from the dark, before, but this time Carpenters full wrath will be unleashed on you. Question is: where would you hide, as the soundscapes that Carpenter consistently creates are simply inescapable. The realms that nightmares cannot even conjure will be given flesh and bone, with the coming of “Lost Themes II”. Drive Radio will welcome this much anticipated return of the prince of Darkness, and we will succumb to the wave of darkness that Carpenter’s mind will flex all over the world.

Not many sequels beat or even match the first release. Not many sequels capture the magic that the first release creates. However, not many sequels have John Carpenter behind it. “Lost Themes II” is coming. Let it take you.

Lost Themes II

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