Lazerhawk – Dreamrider Preview

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2016 is the year of dread and death, fear and loathing, a year of strife and separation of the common people. For most of us, this year has hit us over and over with the falling of a lot of our beloved heroes. One by one we watch helplessly as they are taking away from us to oblivion. It’s hard for all of us to hold our head up and look for the positive as this year gets closer to an end.

An ancient Synthwave prophecy was foretold and scrawled on a bulletin board during the days of dial up, that amidst all the chaos and screaming and pain, a man would rise up and give the people hope and happiness through the sound of his synthesizers and programs. A man from the republic of Texas.

Lazerhawk announced Dreamrider was coming out soon!

A few days ago, Lazerhawk announced to this frightened and broken world that his new album called, Dreamrider was coming out soon. And all of us fellow synthwavers out there rejoiced and smiled at this wonderful news! The Internet could almost be heard erupting in audible applause.

In conclusion, Dreamrider represents a lot for the artist, after having to overcome some hardware obstacles and some difficult life choices. Lazerhawk has chosen to stick to his guns and stay in this game, and we should take that to heart and use it as a life lesson.

So, let’s not let this horrible year break us and leave us sobbing, and bleeding on the ground. We have to get up, wipe the dirt off of our clothes and the blood tears from our faces, look up into this years dying face as it tries to stay relevant and cling on to us and smile and say, let’s do this…let’s finish this.


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