Makeup and Vanity Set – Brigador, Vol. I

by | Jul 8, 2016 | Music | 0 comments

Enter a futuristic urban landscape with Makeup and Vanity Set with their new album, “Brigador Vol.1”!

With every song acting as a chapter in Makeup and Vanity Set’s epoch, “Brigador Vol 1” feels like an audio book where narration is not needed and imagination acts as a book in your mind. A book with a kick-ass backstory, which can be read under the track list.Complete with 12 songs, the album truly gives you a great amount of music to listen to whenever, wherever.Energetic, dark, rhythmic, constant… these are just a few words to explain to you the greatness of “Brigador Vol 1”. If anything, you should listen to it yourself to hear why this album is pure badassness.


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