New Arcades – Nothing Is Lost

by | May 11, 2018 | Music, Synthwave | 0 comments

Summer is right around the corner with a little over a month to go, and though the sun is already making itself known well, there’s still plenty of time for those synth and pop “songs of the summer” to pull through.

U.K. based dreamwave duo New Arcades have contributed a couple candidates worthy of that title with their new EP Nothing Is Lost. While the opening instrumental track is on par with the average synth release, the dreamy New Arcades sound doesn’t truly kick in until the second track, “Inhale”, featuring guest vocals from Lula. My interest was piqued, however, by the third track, “Wait For Tonight”.

The strongly UK-accented vocals that carry the drum-heavy synth track are notable, especially in the chorus, because they hold a strange youthful whine and modernity to them that’s only typically found to American listeners in pop punk and easycore, making New Arcades one of the first synthwave bands you could ever see on a Vans Warped Tour Stage (if it weren’t approaching its final run this year, that is), further cementing their sound as soaked in summer warmth.

With three of five tracks structured for vocals with verses and choruses, Nothing Is Lost presents New Arcades not as a synthwave or electronic duo, but as a dreamwave band.


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