Who remembers the long nights spent with Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Duke Nukem 64, Mario Kart 64, Pilotwings 64, Blast Corps, Pokemon Snap, Waveracer, Banjo Kazooie… or many other games in the 20 years historie of the Nintendo 64 Console?

The N64 came out 20 years ago, and for that birthday some of the coolest people of the Synthwave Scene united to make the ultimate gift and honor our nostalgic game nights.Python Blue, Meteor, Panda P.I., LaurenceMcFunk, d.notive, KFDDA, GAIAXIS, Ophello,Casshern and Jowie Schulner teamed up and bring us 11 beautifull covers and recreations of our favourite gaming moments. A amazing compilation managed by the living legend KFDDA. The best you can grab the whole thing for FREE DOWNLOAD. Dont wait, load it, play it and enjoy it here: