Paladin – Unknown Zones

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Messages from Space!

These songs would be well at home in a late 70’s sci-fi film easily!

It’s almost painful how good there songs are! Paladin is one of those musician/wizards that you’ll be banging your head up against a wall yelling, “How have I not heard of this guy?! “ He just comes up out of nowhere from under our radar and broadsides us with this amazing LP. It’s as if this guy came through a wound in the time space continuum from an era when Gerry Anderson ruled the television and space exploration was in its infancies, and set up base operations in London in 2016 instead of 1979.

The first track ,self titled, “Unknown Zone” is coherent, detailed, and delves into the realm of nostalgia and cuts the tether from the space ship and never looks back. And that takes a lot of guts to do.

“Navigator” is a low-key, intricate, tangerine dream influenced, laced up with a carpenter-esque drum beat and then shifts from an 80’s vibe to 70’s atmospheric without us even seeing it!

“Crisis in Gama Zone” keeping with the sense of urgency, and intricacy of the other two songs, keeps a smile on our face while we nod to the music in an opiate like haze. This track meshes seamlessly with the inner workings of this masterful LP, another fantastic mash up of 70’s and 80’s synth. It really transforms the listener’s soul into a star craft and Paladin’s music, the fuel for a very long interstellar trip across the black, fearful void of out outer space.

Paladin’s LP Unknown Zones, which comes out this month from the label, Per Musica Ad Astra, is epic in scale, on a galactic level. His music is the kind of music that you really feel in your heart. It’s a rarity today when music can lift us and also transfer us to an altered state.

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