Perhopes – Schizophrenia

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Hits you like a sledge hammer to your sternum.

Like and electro overload/overdose! Your eyes rollback in their head, your mouth foams, you buck and froth at how amazing this song is! The moment you finish hearing it, you’ll get up and find the nearest person and make them listen to it. Because it’s that important! Something this good should be shared as much as humanly possible. This song should be a moral imperative. This song should be the forging of a friendship or relationship. Go up to them, play this song and if they don’t like it, then you don’t need them in your life! It’s as simple as that. Perhopes┬áhas made something that you all should bow to. This track is like something you never knew you needed but now that you have heard it, you feel the gears of synchronicity click and part of your life is now complete.

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