A quick Electro Romp.

Perhopes, The French electronic music producer and DJ has a great 3 track EP that you synthwavers and Electro heads should go now and scoop up.

Tremens is a fully charged Electro Jam, brimming with attitude and hard hitting beats and so much gravitas that it will change your body chemistry for the duration of the song. Next is Renaissance, which has more of a ethereal feel to it and a collective wink that will give you the jitters, like your first high school crush.

Then Prophecy brings back the attitude with this track, not as much adrenalin…at first. It lets you drop your guard then pops you in the face! But then sooths you back to being calm, but then grabs you by the arm and takes you into a dead run and leaving you sweaty and bewildered. And that’s how we like it.