Rain Sword – Sports Mode

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Music, Synthwave | 0 comments

“Sports Mode” by the Californian Rain Sword, pulls you in with a late 70’s break beat that fades out into a wonderful melody full of nostalgic tidbits to entice and bring a smile to your face, after a particular hard day and nothing seems to click and go right for you.

This song is glorious time machine and it lives in this world to remind us that life isn’t about status or money. It’s about rejecting reality and substituting it with your own that isn’t force fed to you. This song gives you that care free feeling again, the feeling that you thought you lost sometime ago and was desperate to get back.

You can plainly see after listening to his music, that this very talented synthwaver, truly is a person that was born in the wrong decade. He belongs in 1983, on a stage, blasting out synth jams in a neon lit night club to a pack of fiends hungry for the all powerful keyboard!

Rain Sword has crafted a perfect bad day, throw on your old white Reebok hightops, turn up the volume till your windows undulate, and dance till you collapse in your favorite recliner, kind of a song with Sports mode. We’ll gladly take anything to help combat the gloom of the world. Be sure to give this song a chance and give it a repeated listen! It’s almost a guarantee that he’ll continue to crank out the nostalgia tinged hits in the near future.


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