STARFORCE – Nebular Anomaly

by | Jan 18, 2017

The past and future merge!

Relax all you Synthwavers out there! We here at DriveRadio know what you’ve been thirsting for! And to paraphrase their bio, “Long ago, a great and incredible power was created in the universe and this power is known by the name of STARFORCE!” 

Spacesynth headliners STARFORCE have a new track that is a monumental continuation to their star opera opus “Age of Nano” called “Nebular Anomaly” and it is amazing! A powerfully crafted and darkly esoteric song with bang on melodies and killer synth stabs, Kim Lakefield and Chris Highstream, the fearless Finland duo based in Helsinki have created something wondrous and epic for us to feast upon.

Rumbling beginnings, with the creeping keyboards gathering momentum at a steady pace and establishing that all important atmosphere, then popping the clutch, calculating for faster than light travel and we are off in the blink of an eye.

Playing this song demands the perfect environment, and since a star craft is impossibility right now at this point and time, an automobile will have to suffice. But there’s nothing wrong with pretending though. So go now and listen to this tremendous song by these talented musicians and you till will feel what it’s like to feel a 10 g full burn in mid atmospheric ascent but in your ears!