Starfounder – Anger

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From Russia, with Synth!

Something has crept through from the beyond the Iron Curtain, dear listeners. Something  fierce and furious! Russia Synthnaut and major talent Starfounder has blessed us with his 3rd work called Anger, which was released in November of this year and it, is a fantastic discovery and all around great EP. This 6 track album runs us through the gauntlet of emotions of dread, fear, nostalgia and joy. The boiling tension conveyed in this record, if it could become a tangible thing and corded into a cable, could pull a planet loose from its orbit.

“Prologue “begins our journey in a slow, gradual fade and builds to a swell and increases the ominous atmosphere that pours from our speakers, with its slow synth stabs that halt to give way to “Broken”, which there is sincerely nothing broken about this track at all! The percussion runs in an unbroken infinity loop at first then expounds outward and gives into serious synthesizers that sound as if they truly mean business. Starfounder shows us that he has sonic world building down to an art with this song.

“The Reborn” violently emerges from its chrysalis, ready to seal the deal. Stretching out its wings on the night wind and then, it takes flight, to terrorize those below. This paints a dark and serious picture that gives us Synthwavers the shivers! “Part of my dream”, comes across the speakers as an intricate and well formed, but also sporatic and spontaneous, like a dream. The high hat and synth stabs convey the muse calling to us. “The Highway” has a stern and brutal beginning that drops away to heavy chords and darkwave drenched notes, still with a hint of that old familiar friend, nostalgia to get our pulses going.

“Epilogue”, brings all of this to a close with the same feelings as the beginning. Easing its grip on us, letting us relax a bit. This whole 6 track opus was a wonderful adventure and one truly worth repeating.

So next time you are on a road trip with a comrade or a family member, before they think that setting in the passenger seat gives them carte blanche on hogging the conversation or bulling the stereo or aux cord, tell them to shut up and listen to this album and they will be thankful that they listened.

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