Perfect soundtrack for the movie of the mind.

Any album that begins with a sample from RoboCop 2, you know is going to be amazing and this one doesn’t let you down. Starfounder’s new album called, “Summer Works” is an absolute tough, 100%, 80’s soundtrack crafted to perfection. The Russian Artist crafts early into the album, a film of epic proportions.

There’s no real physical place to go to see it though. It starts to play in your mind’s eye. Fleets of motorcycles travel across a wasteland littered with decayed fallen skyscrapers, and machines of war. Their leader, with this face made of pure concentrated drive and will, is taking his crew along on a most ill advised and dangerous mission. To bring back the one he loves, to bring back their queen. And he won’t stop until she’s safe and out of the enemy’s hands. Turn this on, pop some Popcorn and enjoy the show!