Stunning is the début single from LAU (pronounced /lɑu:/), aka Laura Fares, a long-time songwriter, drummer and prominent figure in the Synthwave and Retrowave scenes. After years of writing for other artists, releasing her own music was a natural step for this multi talented artist.

LAU’s masterful songwriting combined with Ohio based Brian Skeel’s skillful production have created a song that combines high-energy pop, synthwave and retrowave aesthetics and at the same time, expressing some very heart felt lyrics.

Imagine HAIM filming a Flashdance style aerobic video or being chased by a DeLorean in a dark, rainy night. The highly infectious chorus will get into your brain like a neon ear-worm.
The title says it all, this début is just stunning!

Written by L. Fares and B. Skeel
Produced by Brian Skeel

(P) 2020 Aztec Music Publishing
(C) 2020 Aztec Records

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released June 26, 2020