Amazing synthwave artist, Sung has a new EP release that happens today!

The Auto Ran EP dropped today and it is amazing! The prolific musician who hails form Paris comes at you with both barrels and all cylinders too. The 5 track EP is explosive form start to finish!

The first song “Auto ran”, hits hard with a very noticeable Outrun vibe. It makes you feel like you are speeding even while setting in your favorite chair. Relentless in its pursuit to get your dancing with a wonderful synthesizer overload, or get you on dark curves of two lane blacktop, whichever comes first!

“Zodiac” has a brilliant start with a serious driving beat and it just gets better from there. Seriously. This song is a monolith that is going to evolve us into a higher beings made purely of synthwave. With “Light chase”, you can feel your self getting knocked back in your seat and heading for the outer reaches of the stars. Closing your eyes you can practically see space sweep by you as you pilot your starcraft further out past our solar system, and ending with a very carpenter-esque vibe to it. “Pike’s Peak Stellar” keeps your head in the heavens and brings your heart up to 120 bpm, nearing its conclusion and then calming you down again. You’d swear you were hypnotized. The last song, “The Sector”, ends the EP on a somber but head nodding note and gets you safely back on terra firma.

This EP is so well put together; you’d swear it was made by some sort of sorcerer instead of musician. Sung is a true talent that will show us that they will stay with us for a long time and keep raising the bar with work after work.