Arcade High – New Impression

Jul 2, 2019 | Synthwave


1. Radio (Feat. Slyleaf)
2. We Were Titans
3. Venture City
4. Coat Of Arms
5. The Last Picture Show
6. Select Start
7. Time (And Time Again)
8. Save State
9. Only Memories
10. Run The Heat (Digital Bonus Track)

It’s been a long 3 years since our last release, and we’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection. With New Impressions, we wanted to achieve a balance between our love for retro sounds and modern bangers on the dance floor. We ultimately wanted this to be a very personal record in both sound and emotion. Hope you enjoy.
released July 2, 2019

Arcade High is Ryan Boosel and Patrick Farone
“NEW IMPRESSIONS” composed and performed by Arcade High
Vocals on Track I written and performed by Slyleaf
Album art by James White –
Mixed by Ryan Boosel and Patrick Farone with additional mixing by Justin Frasier
Mastered by Charles Michaud (Sid 64) for
Special thanks to our friends and families, Jess Walsh, Ben Boyle, Makeup And Vanity Set, Justin Frasier, Damian Hrunka, Emily Sosso, and of course…You. Stay rad.

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