Arcade High – Pixel Passion

Jun 24, 2013 | Synthwave


1. Pixel Passion
2. One Year Ago
3. High Score Summer
4. Without You (Feat. Hannah Edwards)
5. Outrun This!
6. A Moment Of Clarity
7. Running To You
8. Up Down Left Right
9. Night Of The Genesis
10. Look Into My Eyes


Pixel Passion is the album I’ve been wanting to create ever since I began writing electronic music. It’s my love letter to 80s synth music and early 90s video game culture. I wanted to imprint an original sound that would be my own and create nostalgic imagery in the listener without any pretense. It’s been a long and very rewarding 8 months. I hope you enjoy!
released June 24, 2013

Written and composed by Ryan Boosel
Mastered by Nelson Boosel
Vocals on tracks 2 and 4 performed by Hannah Edwards
Graphic design by Ryan Boosel
Physical release concept by Crystal Labs