Liam Leon – Memories From The Future

Apr 20, 2020 | Synthwave


1. Game Start
2. The Adventure
3. More For Me To See
4. Running Out Of Love
5. This Is The Future (3030)
6. All The Time
7. Feel Your Love
8. Paradise
9. Scarlett

DATE: 24/01/3030
TIME: 17:09

I need to leave this place. I must find the new world, I know it’s out there, but I can’t leave her behind, she is too important.
This world has turned dark, cold and unforgiving, but I’ve heard rumors about a mysterious, isolated paradise hidden within our own world, a thriving world overflowing with opportunity and excitement. Where is this place, how do I find it?
The lights gaze in bright neon tones from the screens of the arcades and all around are voices, screams, and cries combined with the 8 bit pings of the machines and coin inserts. How unsettling…
She is here too. She stays close for protection.
I insert my last coin into the machine but something different happens this time. The colors gleam even brighter than usual, so much so that they conceal us inside a glowing ball of multicolored light. Could this be it?! Could this be our way into… Paradise?!
The light burned brighter, and I held her hand tightly. Her hand was warm but shaking. If this is where we are meant to go, we go together.

What… what is happening to this place!? The glowing neon lights from the arcades have almost extended upward through the roof and into the sky. I can see more appearing in the distance through the colored gaze. It’s transforming, our world is transforming into… A CITY?!?!

Skyscrapers as tall as I’ve ever seen, flying cargo holders, shimmering glass lights that blind you, magnificent.
This is where I was meant to go; this is where WE were meant to be…We have found it.

Three months later.

We are thriving. This new world has brought us to our knees and allowed us to prosper in ways we could have only imagined. We are healthy; there are no threats or danger, this world is full of life and we have allowed ourselves to absorb every bit of it so openly.
My time in the previous world was over, but why can’t I remember much of it anymore? Whenever I try, my memories seem vague and confusing. The arcade, I remember the arcade. There were a blur, a sudden bright light and all of a sudden we were here, together. Anything before the light I cannot tell if it’s true, or something I have just simply imagined. Does this matter?
She remembers everything from before. Most of my memories are due to her reminding me of them in the first place. But why can she remember more than I can? Does she want to be here? Is she hanging so tightly onto the past for a reason?

It has been exactly 104 days 13 hours and 25 minutes. I count the days here as every one of them is a gift, but she looks sad. Her memories of our previous world constantly flood her mind with grief and guilt. They torment her. I have noticed for a while now and I think the only way to free her from this conflict is to send her back.
Leaving paradise is made easy here; its part of what makes it a paradise, the freedom to do as you choose without fear of divergence and resistance.

I have allowed her to leave, I choose to stay. The hardest choice I have made while being here, but a choice none the less I was able to make.
I will miss you… No matter where you are if you are happy, if you are sad, never forget that we found it, we found Paradise…

9 years later.



released April 17, 2020

@All Music by Liam Leon

@Mastering by Absolute Valentine

@Cover Art by Connor Bott

@Community Manager & Publicist : Darren deToni
all rights reserved