Shyguys – Venture

Jul 6, 2018


1. Journey
2. Abilities
3. Pursuit
4. Attraction
5. Horizon
6. Fall (with Skatan)
7. Venture
8. Nocturne
9. Speed
10. Escape
11. Closer
12. Arrival

This is a journey in to sound. Buckle up. Let’s go!

Shyguys may hide from the limelight but their music goes way beyond the twilight. It is infectious, passionate, and energetic. You can feel their flow through every track.

And that foot tapping-thing you’ve got going on is your body telling you it want’s move: There is no escape from ‘Venture’… Seriously!

Seriously catchy, we should say, as this album doesn’t stray too far from the LDR sound-system.

Play this in your house, your car, on a run, on your bike, mowing the lawn, washing the dog, in a corner shop to the owner whilst purchasing your pineapples… play it everywhere! Just be careful around fire. Just saying.

‘Venture’ is here and you just have to hear it.

You’ll get constant highs with the Shyguys!
released July 6, 2018

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