STARFORCE – Omniversal Oscillations

Mar 4, 2013 | Synthwave


1. Intro
2. Alpine Glow
3. Cosmic Voyage (feat. STARCHILD)
4. Payload Specialist
5. STARFORCE & Dynatron – Celestial Time Lapse
6. Middletro
7. Simulation 2099
8. Spacebridge
9. Omniversal Oscillations
10. Summer of 2085 (Epydemic Remix)
11. STARFORCE & Epydemic – The Signs (Outro)

All tracks composed, arranged and mixed by Kim Lakefield and Chris Highlander.
Mastered by Jeppe Hasseriis.
Artwork by Jeppe Hasseriis.
℗ 2013 Aphasia Records.
released March 4, 2013

Special thanks to:
Jeppe Hasseriis, Epy, STARCHILD, neros77, Rick Shithouse, swiNg, mitch murder, Lueur Verte, Perturbator, P101, Arcade High, Flash Arnold, Tommy, Jordan F, Diana Gitallog, Alpha Boy, MN1984, Lazerhawk, Zonic Zynth, Action Jackson, NewRetroWave, Rolly Mingwald, Photosynthesi, Le Cassette, Smokeddog, PzYx, Mikke Tildekkes, Jsp, cubic, Macos, Kraakan, J. Walsh, L. Kosunen, T. Valkonen,, kebu, Rudolf Steiner, NASA, Neil de Grasse Tyson, Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking, Jarre, Vangelis.

Track 7, “Simulation 2099” is dedicated to J. Walsh

Another special thanks to all the fans and artists
that have given us incredible and giantbig positive feedback
with so many beautiful words – they have really pushed us forward.

Hopefully we did not forget anybody important..!

Thank you so much! *high five*

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