Now its our Time Drivers to unite and help to bring alive this amazing movie: THE SUMMONER!

We all agree that we need more Retromovies who honor the golden age of movies and music, the wonderfull 80ies. Movies like TURBO KID, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, KUNG FURY or THE GUEST to name a few. Now there a amazing story on the way brought to us by James Secker a young visionary who loves those movies and named The Wraith, Blade Runner, Hardware and Suspiria as his visual influences for THE SUMMONER. The movie score is featured with some well known acts from the Synthwave scene (Waveshaper, Nightstop, Maxthor and Vincenzo Salvia).

Check out the wonderfull teaser trailer and read the details. Every dollar helps. Every share here or on other social media sites helps. Also visit their facebook page and give them a like to stay tuned for the latest news:


Help us to help THE SUMMONER! We support this awesome project.