The Summoner

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The 80s were the golde age of horror and action flicks.


We all love that era with great Directors like John Carpenter, Dario Argento, Wes Craven, Tobe Hooper, Sean S Cunningham and many more… you will all agree that we need more movies with that vibe and spirit of the 80s. If you are a huge fan of new Retro-Movies like Turbo Kid, Hobo with a shotgun, The Guest or It Follows you need to follow and keep an eye on this future film-project: THE SUMMONER The Summoner official Synopsis: “In an alternate reality, where vengeful spirits refuse to leave. Brute force is the only course of action. Summoners can be hired to expel these violent and unwanted guests.


For one Summoner, the ghosts of both past and present are closer than ever before.” The Summoner is a short film we are hoping to get into festivals at the end of this year. “Shot like a straight to VHS film from the 1980’s, this film pulls nothing back. A love letter to action and horror from the greatest of film and music. We are trying to create a living breathing world which captures the best of the 80’s, while bringing something truly original to the table.” – James Secker, Director The Soundtrack will be written by the well known WAVESHAPER, NIGHTSTOP and MAXTHOR.


Waveshaper is taking over most of the soundtrack with his imaginative and stunning sound. The excellent Nightstop is on-board to compose the love theme and to work together on a collaboration with Waveshaper. Maxthor will be writing, composing and singing the theme song, with a music video released sometime in the middle of this year. The original soundtrack will be available on the release of the film at the end of 2016. Online funding will begin early 2016. We will keep you informed for any update of that movie.


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The Summoner

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