A rendez vous with a comet and an old friend.

Fellow synthwavers, a brand new album comes out September 23, so mark your calendars. Why do you ask? What’s so important about this date? Original Lord of Synth, Vangelis will be releasing a 12 track album Called simply, “Rosetta” which, the master musician and composer was inspired by the Rosetta mission, the daunting, and seemingly impossible task of landing a probe, from a satellite on to the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. And who wouldn’t be inspired by that?! Vangelis created a 12 track soundtrack to the mission of that Rosetta satellite and it’s 6.5 billion kilometer mission. Rosetta will surely bring a smile to all the Vangelis fans out there and will hopefully open up the ears of new fans as well. Our collective imaginations are ready to blast off and go on this aural journey!