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Alert! Alert! Someone has slipped past our defenses! Someone has stealthily gone under our radar, infiltrated our base and planted an earworm. This synthwave ninja has a name and you will remember it after you hear what he’s created. This master of Darkwave, Futuresynth goes by the name of Vogel. The Los Angeles native is not even shy at showing off his talents and letting us know that he’s got the skills to pay the bills.

His EP, titled Imperivm, dropped today, and if he can pull off cramming so much amazingness in just two songs, then just imagine what he has in store for us in the near future!

The first track, called” Imperivm”, starts us off with a serious neonoir vibe, even when the melody kicks in we still feel the gravitas of the song. Everything moves along hand in hand and keeps the tone of the at a razor’s edge. It comes at you fully charged and ready to go all night long, this song should come with a disclaimer, “If you suffer from a serious illness or have a weak heart, listen to this track at your own risk.”

The second song, “Different skin” comes at you from a different angle at first. A slightly flirty tip of the hat to Vangelis is shown just for a brief moment before it melds seamlessly with explosive beats to get the body moving where ever you may be. Don’t let this song fool you though; it is so much more than elegant. It proves that it can smile and gracefully dance around the room but then also break a breeze block in two with a one inch punch!

It’s a good thing that our speakers can’t get addicted to the sounds that come out of them or we might have to check them into rehab after playing Vogel’s EP. It might go into immediate withdrawals!

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