White Tiger – KVLT

by | May 15, 2018 | Darkwave, Music | 0 comments

It is time to join the KVLT. Praise our great White Tiger and listen to the dark sounds he has brought to us.

White Tiger destroyed the chains and combines everything from Dark Synth, Darkwave, Witch House and Ambient Gothic elements to his own unique style.

With every replay you can discover new fascinating sounds and elements within all the tracks.

Simon LeBondar, the mastermind behind White Tiger truly has balls and an intense taste of dark music to create an album like this.

KVLT is White Tiger’s second release; is a lot more dark, gothic and moody than the previous album Voyager. Taking influences from 80s Goth and 90s Industrial music, and occult movies and books, the result is White Tiger’s darkest and heaviest release yet!

Be sure to check this Artist out. He will become the next sensation and a new pioneer to reach new levels for the whole Synthwave Scene.

Listen to the bravest and darkest album this year here.


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