Prepare for emergency landing, Z6B3R is coming in hot!

The perfect beginning to a song should always grab your attention, and Z6B3R does so brilliantly with the low beautiful drones that gradually surface to include important but sparse synth stabs. 2020 just screams for a film to be made around it. Like Rudy Ray Moore of the Dolemite fame, this song is a big piece of leather and well put together. This talented Synthwaver knows exactly how to craft together a great song. When it cultivates a mood as well a really good rhythm, and this one does both as well as invoke images in your mind, like a tense scene in a film where a damaged craft if coming into atmospheric re-entry.

2020 by the enigmatic Centurion, South Africa native, Z6b3, is a well produce and formulated track with layered texture, dense moodiness that translates into ecstatic beats and thrumming, alternating arpeggios that is very satisfying and guaranteed to get you in a better mood, pull you up from your chair and have you dancing where ever you may be, even if it is in a damaged spacecraft, locked in the trajectory of a dangerous and hostile planet!