Absolute Valentine – Omega

Breathe. This isn’t the end. Absolute Valentine is back, and he’s here to take down the Corp.

After orchestrating the murder of his one and only love, as a way of forcing him off the streets, Omega Corp. has taken almost complete control, filling our city with the heavy beat of bad power. No one can avoid the technological claw that is squeezing us of every last drop of free existence.

With AV left to die after his last epic battle with what was to become the Omega Corp, his body was allowed to sink down through the dirt and into the underworld… There he was met by old adversaries that couldn’t believe their luck. Here was the Police hero who had taken them on, alone, and taken everything from them. They had him by the balls.

When he fell they believed this was to signify that their time had come to rise. Putting AV on liquid life-support the plan was made to bring him back once they had ground the city into slime.

However, upon resurfacing they soon discovered that crime was now controlled by the Corp. They had now become the victims. How ironic! The underworld was forced back by machines and megabyte madness, at a heavy loss.

They thrived on misery and mayhem and hiding in the shadows, but not living in the dark and the decay. There was nothing else they could do but turn to the man whom they had once despised. They knew he, and only he, could turn the tide. So, TrustPower was formed – a small group who would transfer their energy in one sacrificial megaton-moment to bring him back: Absolute Valentine’s resurrection was complete!

It was a strange type of hope but one that galvanized the underworld for when AV was revitalized he took straight to the task of taking the streets back.

With the agility of a Spitfire, he began to tear a hole in the new world, taking away its new order 16bit-by-16bit, which brought both good and bad together for the very first time. They bled but they believed, side-by-side.

You see, there was nothing that could stop the march of the man for he had revenge in his heart. AV knew the real killers of his girl and nothing would get in his way of getting even.

Whom his allies were didn’t concern him. AV knew the alliance wasn’t forever it was just to bring the city back to what it was before Omega Corp. became its all-mighty master. So those who opposed the Corp were unequivocally behind him.

The faceless suits in their mile-high tower would fall with the structure they embedded themselves in. Absolute Valentine could almost taste the crumbling concrete.

So, will you sit there and wait for it to be over? or will you join the fight to bring both good and bad, the equilibrium, back to this once gloriously grim city? AV cannot bring them down alone, even if he believes he can. He needs us, he needs you!

‘Omega’ is waiting to be your end: Mindless grey robotic endless existence. We want what was ours. We want love and chaos!

No more pain just neon in the rain…

Do you dare press play?

Here it is! The brand-new album from the lover and the fighter himself: Absolute Valentine!

In both digital and CD format, here is the sound of our future!

Fight for what is right, right alongside Absolute Valentine.
released April 19, 2019

@All Music by Absolute Valentine

@Mastering by Absolute Valentine

@Cover Art : Kevin R.Hoover

@Video Teaser by Antunesketch

@Community Manager & Publicist : Darren deToni