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If you want to be played on Drive Radio, you need to follow this simple rules

1 – Send your tracks exclusively on our email box, we will not take in consideration all tracks send through Facebook or twitter.

2 – Send us a preview link like a soundcloud or youtube link.

3 – If you send your song you authorize us to broadcast your music on our stream and to monetize it on Youtube.

4 – If you plan or want to be reviewed, don’t forget to send us a little biography or some words about you.

5 – Enjoy Drive Radio and if you want to be played, you just need to follow this simple rules.

We’ll listen to the music you’ve sent us soon and we’ll discuss it with the rest of the team. If we like it, we’ll make a post! In the meantime, feel free to like our Facebook page, subscribe to our site, or make a donation to show your support.