Conan The Cybernator

It’s not very often that I’m so excited to review an album that it pervades my dreams.

Elay Arson – SPIRIT | DEATH

SPIRIT | DEATH by Elay Arson   The love affair between synthwave and black metal continues into its honeymoon phase with Elay Arson’s SPIRIT |

Benjamin Combes

Can you please introduce yourself to those that may be new to your works? Hi there, I’m Benjamin Combes, a French Indie Film Maker. I


CONFRONTATIONAL · SET THE NIGHT ABLAZE (feat. Cody Carpenter) The mist is thick and the drums wait patiently. A lick of crimson hangs on the

Z6B3R – Legion 63

Z6B3R · FIGURE8 The cryptically named Z6B3R is back with his first full-length album Legion 63. It’s the follow-up to his debut EP Telestar 12,

Stilz – Holding onto Yesterday

Stilz · Holding Onto Yesterday (Feat The Encounter) Still holding on. Light and dark mix in Stilz latest release: The extended player entitled ‘Holding Onto

OGRE – Murals

MURALS by OGRE British composer and producer OGRE is a household name in the Synthwave scene. He released one successful album after another in recent

OSC – Girls on Bikes

School’s out, girls on bikes are in! Remember the innocence? The times, between lunch and dinner, when you could run to the shed and marvel at your BMX, before peddling like crazy to get to your mates house?


I’m Anoraak, i’ve been making electronic music for almost 10 years, in genres now considered as synthwave and synthpop.

Makeup And Vanity Set

my name is matthew steven pusti. i make music under the name makeup + vanity set. i’ve been making music now for about fifteen years. i make synthesizer music.

Robert Parker – Awakening

It is quite an achievement when one can pop the music on in the house and listen to new and refreshing titles. That it exactly what happened as I opened Awakening,


My name is Garrett Hays. I’m from Austin TX and I make synthwave music under the name Lazerhawk.

Lazerhawk – Dreamrider

The internet is collectively foaming at the mouth and aglow with anticipation for Jan the 18 so that they can purchase Lazerhawk’s newest album Dreamrider.

Cody Carpenter

Can you please introduce yourself to those that may be new to your work? I’m Cody Carpenter, the son of filmmaker and composer John Carpenter.