Movie Talks With Cody Carpenter

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Question n°1: What is your favourite movie?

My favorite movie would have to be the animated film, “Transformers: The Movie” from 1986. It has always been my absolute favorite since I first watched it when I was about 2 years old.

Question n°2: How often do you watch it?

I’ve seen it far more times than I have any other film, and though I haven’t watched it recently, the soundtrack is in regular rotation in my head.

Question n°3: Which Parts, Scenes impressed you?

There are too many amazing moments that make the movie what it is. The Decepticon attack on Earth, the death of Optimus Prime, (spoiler!!), the Megatron to Galvatron transformation, the court scene with the sharkticons… the whole movie is filled with unforgettable scenes.

Question n°4: How has the movie inspired you ?

The music in particular has inspired me, and influences almost every note I write! From the incredible Vince DiCola score to the awesome rock songs, the soundtrack is unparalleled.

Question n°5: What emotions do you feel while watching it?

There are so many great emotions to be felt and compounded by the nostalgia factor.

Descripe the story with your own words.

The film is less about narrative, though of course there is one, than it is an audio/visual explosion. The Autobots struggle to deal with not only the Deceptions, but a new threat in the planet-eating Unicron, which can only be stopped by unlocking the matrix of leadership. The story is secondary, however, to the visceral experience that one has when enjoying the film.
Many people shunned the movie upon it’s release due to the (brutal) death of Optimus Prime. I’ve read stories that kids were crying in the theaters because their favorite Autobot was no more. I had never seen the series prior to watching the movie, so I had no investment in the multiple characters that are killed, though Optimus Prime was totally badass in his final moments.
Question n°6: Personal ranking on a scale of 1-10?
I easily give it a 10.
Question n°7: Other movies you like just as much?
Few movies touch the level “Transformers: The Movie” reached, though for me personally, “Fantastic Planet” from 1973 comes close. (I prefer animated movies). It’s a slight shame that the live action movies were made, because the new movies resemble the classic series and movie in NO WAY other than the name. I’ll take the original any day!


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