You all Drivers will aggree that the 80s were THE golden age of movies.

Especially one genre of horror movies still lifes and had their roots in the wonderfull 80ies: The SLASHER Movie. Movies like Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Intruders, Madman and many more to name got many sequels, remakes and rip offs till now.

But there is one secret Slasher who was lost for years. The mystery is unveiled and the missing tapes were found: THE CAREFUL MASSACRE OF THE BOURGEOISIE from 1984? You never heard form that movie? Never saw it? Ok its a trap.

Its a fake movie made for the second season of MR ROBOT Series. Its a movie inside a movie (or episode). But its made full of funny cliches and a homage to every 80s slasher movie and a must see.

Who is Mr. Robot?