Can you please introduce yourself to those that may be new to your work?

My name is Jeppe and I play retro synth under the moniker DYNATRON. My music is the soundtrack to space travel and exploration. I live in Denmark which so far has only a few retro synth artists and the scene is very small. Neros77, which you might know from his youtube channel, is a friend of mine and he introduced me to synthwave in 2011.

What are your usual musical influences? What kind of music do you listen when not producing?

New and old. The new ones include Lazerhawk, Makeup And Vanity Set, Pilotpriest, Thomas Barrandon, Gunship and various retro synth acts in soundtrack-ish spectrum of synthwave. The old include Jean Michel Jarre, Def Leppard, Alice Cooper, Metallica and 80s AOR. Besides retro synth I listen to soundtracks, metal, rock and 80’s radio like .977 80s and Flash FM and V-rock from the GTA3 soundtrack.

Were you listening to anything new, or consuming any other new art form that inspired these tracks?

Not particularly, or… I don’t know, I was working on the album for more than 2 years so I was frequently enjoying new releases and getting inspiration from various inputs. I can’t say there’s a single source of inspiration for this album, actually I think you can hear it in the tracks that inspiration comes from many sources.

What programs and instruments do you use for your Music? What is your favourite VST you use? And which Drum Machine do you prefer?

I use Ableton Live for all sequencing and editing. It’s my current no.1 DAW. I also have Pro Tools but the note/drum editor is inferior to other programs like Ableton Live. I also play guitars since the early 90s. My favorite VST is probably the Arturia Collection V and drums are stock Ableton kits with tweaks and custom snare.

This album has a very different atmospheric sound than your other albums, what changed in your production style?

I wouldn’t say it has very different sound. I believe it has a more evolved, matured and refined sound. One the first album, and in all nature as a musician, I was still developing my sound and tuning in on my production style. Synthwave was still new to me and I was very flattered by imitating the 80s feel that I didn’t tweak things to be more “me”. In fact I think the majority of sounds on Escape Velocity are presets with only a handful custom sounds. After the first year or so I had a better grasp of the sound I wanted to achieve and I think “Dust of the Saturn” very much captured a production milestone for Dynatron. While still developing my sound I used “Dust…” as a reference for my following tracks.

Dynatron is well known for his superb Scifi-Outrun-Dreamwave tracks. Science Fiction is a big inspiration for you? Do you ever thought abou a Horror-Scifi Album or EP?

Science fiction is indeed a big inspiration. The whole world of Dynatron is one big science fiction setting. I imagine foreign worlds, planets and solar systems and use that for inspiration when writing music. But horror sci-fi is not something I’ve planned, yet. Aeternus is a lot darker than my previous releases though and I have several unreleased tracks which is pretty dark as well so I think even though I probably won’t go into horror, my music tend be rather dark.

It’s clear a good amount of your work is influence by science fiction, What is your favorite sci fi? Do you prefer films, novels, etc. Are there any titles in particular that relate to this album?

My favorite sci-fi movies include the Alien series in close race with Terminator 2. Runner-ups include The Terminator, Predator and Robocop among others. Movies are my preferred source but novels can bring great experiences as well, e.g. the Hyperion Cantos (by Dan Simmons) brought me many great moments and visions of foreign and futuristic worlds. There’s a few moments on Aeternus where you can find specific inspiration. Descend pulls inspiration from Alien when they descend to LV-426 and if you break out the melodies in “Hypersonic” you’ll find a relation to the Terminator 2 main theme 2 minutes into the track, hehe.

In some of your FB Pictures you play guitar. So you are also a Metalhead? What are your fave Metalbands? And do you ever thought about a Dynatron Metal influenced track?

Yeah I’m a metalhead since the early 90’s and I’ve played metal since I started my first band in ‘95 I think it was. I’ve played in several bands and the last album we made was released in 2012. But the last couple of years has been different while I’ve been exploring synthwave and retro synth. I’ve never thought that mixing metal and synth would be a good idea since the two music styles are far apart. For this I’m talking about Death Metal and not just metal. But I reckon it’s possible and I try to implement guitars in my music on a regular basis. On “Not of This World” I used baritone tuning and I can’t deny that I’ll try that again. My favorite metal artists are among others Meshuggah, Morbid Angel, Ulcerate, Immolation and I also enjoy Fear Factory, Behemoth, Suffocation, Gojira and Hate. But to honest it has been some time since I’ve enjoyed metal like I used to. Now that I think of it I really should revisit Morbid Angels Covenant – it’s an all-time favorite!

You also master other Artists Albums like Protector 101’s latest release and VHS Glitchs Debut. Do you make that only for friends or could you be contacted to do that?

So far I’ve offered to do mastering for friends and acquaintances. Since I’m only doing it in my spare time I can’t always deliver results from day to day and I wouldn’t feel good about that if it was commissioned work. But in reality anyone could contact me for mastering. At least for a sample.

What was the latest Synthwave Album Release that really impressed you?

Gunship really blew me away with their debut album and I don’t think I’m alone with that feeling. I didn’t know much about them and someone suggested a collab between them and me on Twitter which lead me to check them out. What a pleasant surprise! The music is top notch and the vocals works so well. Great compositions and melodies. It’s easy to hear these are good musicians. On top of that I really like the work Blood+Chrome did for the promo video and the Tech Noir video, he’s so good!

How do you feel about this split between Synthwave focused on dancing vs Soundtrack Synthwave?

I really like how diversified the synthwave genre is. It’s great that you can have certain preferences and enjoy specific styles while still exploring the genre. I don’t feel it’s a split more likely a bridge between different styles. To me the most important element in a song is not the lyrics, it’s the music. So I feel good about it! But it’s a bit sad to see how many artists that follow the same path. Once in awhile a new compilation is released featuring a handful of new names but sadly many of them fail to really stand out. It’s great to get your music out and on compilations but it’s a risk at the same time. A risk of being overheard by other artists with stronger songwriting skills or perhaps just a better track.

Marvel or DC?

Hehe, I don’t know, the one that released any Alien or Terminator comics. Alternatively the one that released any Robocop comics, hehe. I’ve never really been into comics anyway but now that I google it I see Dark Horse has released Alien comic so if that’s an option I’ll opt for them.

Alien or Predator?

I think I’ve already revealed this, but if you must know, Alien, always Alien. I have an Alien inspired tattoo on my arm, hehe.

Do you plan to do live shows one day?

Yes, and hopefully soon. It’s something I’m planning to prepare for in 2016, so I’m really hoping to pull of some shows! I want to play instruments live and not just press play on a computer. To be able to do this I have to get a live setup and start rehearsing tracks and prepare some videos as well. It’s gonna be great!

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