So Welcome back GosT. Nice to see you again for an interview. Thanks for having me back! First what was the main inspiration for your newest Album “Non Paradisi” ?

Non Paradisi is a concept record based on Milton’s epic Paradise Lost. It is the perception of the fall from heaven through the eyes of the damned. And they cast out’s rise from the lake of fire and call to arms against an unjust god.

What’s the difference between your newest Album and “Behemoth” ?

There are several differences. Non Paradisi is a much more involved listen. It is a record that requires more time and thought from the listeners perspective. As a whole it is a much more adventurous and thoughtful attempt.

Are you using any new production techniques, and are you taking your music in a new direction ?

I will always press myself both in production and composition. There are a lot of new sounds on Non Paradisi as well as a few that will be familiar to fans of Behemoth. You can expect a much broader and introspective experience while listening to Non Paradisi.

You played some live shows over the last months, what was the coolest/most rad moment on tour ?

I really enjoyed getting to know some of the other producers in the scene personally. Overall though I have to say that seeing shows sell out night after night was surreal! My favorite part about being Gost is experiencing things with fans. There is nothing that comes before this for me…

What was the best/worst thing on tour or do you have a crazy funny tour story to tell ?

In Berlin Germany we ended up with a couple days to spare so we did our best to find trouble. We ended up in a dance club one night called “Matrix” full on ridiculous pop hits and normal people all around. I made(got drunk and danced as well) Perturbator dance with strangers all night and Dan Terminus passed out on top of a table in the center of the club. I cannot wait to revisit Matrix…

Before going on stage, how do you warm up and get in the right mood for a show ?

I enjoy listening to The Devils Blood, drinking red wine and sinking into the deepest and darkest place as mentally possible for me. Being on stage is such a high that I try and focus on the lowest most negative parts of my life beforehand, in order to push myself to my ultimate mental and physical limits while on stage.

Is there any Artist, Singer or Songwriter you would love to work with or collab ?

I would kill to work with Nick Cave or Dave Gahan.

We know your work and produce like a machine, is there any idea what’s up next after your new album ? Another Album , ep ?

I cannot give any real clues as to how Non Paradisi will sound as a whole because I feel it is best experienced first hand. I am actually currently working on my third LP already. So far things just keep getting darker and heavier!

If you could score a movie, what kind of movie would you love to score ?

Horror all the way.

We konw you love tattoo a lot. What is your newest one ? Or is there something planned soon ?

I am about to tattoo my left hand but you will just have to catch me live to get a glimpse…

Besides your music you do have another hobbies ?

Music is life so it is the furthest thing from a hobby for me. My only real hobby is new music that is not mine. I am constantly in search of new music that moves me personally in any extreme direction, be it positive or negative.

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