Can you please introduce yourself to those that may be new to to your work ?

Hey! My name is Vasek and I am from Czech Republic. As a producer I call myself Atrey because it sounds cool. I make electronic music with some kind of retro flavor but I don’t consider myself being a strictly “retrowave” producer. I would rather call it a visage of my music rather than the goal. The music itself is the main object of my music.

What are your musical influences ? What kind of music do you listen when not producing ?

Right now I’m listening to a lot to Lorn, Kanute, Pilotpriest. I’m not restricted to any genre, the major factor for me is the depth and quality of the music. When I started producing I was listening to drum and bass. Neurofunk to be more accurate. And I still enjoy it. Phace, Misanthrop. These guys rock. They are the number one producers and what they do with the sound is just amazing. So it’s really a great resource of inspiration for me. Talking about sound I’m totally in love with Danger’s latest EP.

What is your earworm at the moment ? What have been you listening to on repeat recently ?

I guess it would be that Danger’s EP. I’m trying to figure that sound out… And Soul Machine’s Phanerosphene EPs. He is really great and sadly also underrated musician. I am very fortunate to work with him on some new stuff right now.

What inspires you while working on new Music ?

Everything that surrounds me. I get lot of inspiration from movie soundtracks. And also my girlfriend. She is my great muse. I made Gone Girl while she was out of town for a week. Cliché? I love clichés! Just good ones though…

What programs and instruments do you use for your Music ? What is your favorite equipment to use ?

I don’t have any hardware whatsoever. I only use my computer. Strictly digital. But in my opinion it corresponds more with the style of music I make. I have only a midi keyboard for playing chords and melodies. I use Reason therefore my favorite instrument is my mouse.

What are your plans after the Release of BodyTalk ?

Another EP. I’ve got a lot of material to put together and get out there. This time it would be slightly different stuff. More cinematic and epic. I can’t wait to release it, it’s huge!

About Bodytalk, tell us more about the concept behind that EP wich differs from some of your previous work like Supernova or Taste ?

Yeah it is bit different. Supernova was like journey through space when you finally landed on some planet far far away. And that’s where Bodytalk takes place. On a planet full of sex. That is the concept of the EP. To make an erotic EP with 4 sexy songs. Blood Sister is like the young inexperienced teenage girl who is on one hand becoming adult woman and exploring her sexuality. On the other she is still just a small naive child. What She Wanted could be a porn soundtrack. I love how hypnotizing is the snare in this one. Everybody knows what she wanted… Bodytalk is begging for a lap dance and Moonchild is that cheery feeling when you fall in love. Or that feeling that one has just after getting laid lying in a bed smoking a cigarette.

If you could choose one film director to make a music video for you who could that be ?

J.J. Abrams would be perfect for my next EP. I should call him tomorrow.

What are your favorite Movie flicks or Video Games ?

A lot of movies… Can’t mention them all but my top 5 would be: Fight Club, Eyes Wide Shut, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, Blade Runner, Blue Velvet. I am PC gamer. I don’t play much but my girlfriend would tell you otherwise. Lately I’ve been playing Diablo III a lot. People say it sucks. I love it. Got Paragon level 420 so far.

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