Carpenter Brut

Question N°1 : Can you please introdue yourself to those that may be new to your work ?

Carpenter Brut, since 2012.

Question N°2 : What are your musical influences ? What kind of music do you prefer listening to when not producing ?

I have a metal background so this is the big majority of what I listen to. I also listen to pop once in a while. I actually don’t listen to a lot of music anymore. I don’t really have time and when I’m on my computer, I compose. Hard to do both at the same time. So I’ve completely lost track of new releases.

Question N° 3 : What is your earworn at the moment ? What have you listening to on repeat recently ?

The new Foo Fighters album, Audrey Horne, Wovenhand.

Question N°4 : What are the synthesizer you use in the studio ? Wich one you will bring on stage for your upcoming shows ?

I still don’t have any hardware synthesizer. I only work with vsti, under Ableton Live. Same for live shows. I’m very satisfied with vtsi, even if I’m tempted by one or two hardware synthesizers. Sound is not my priority at the end and I’m not a big fan of analogic.

Question N°5 : What are the instruments you can play ?

Poorly: synthesizer and drums. Well: nothing.

Question N°6 : What inpires you while working on new Music ?

I’m not a big planner, I try to do things in the moment. Right now I have no ideas for the next album but I know it will come unexpectedly, like after watching a movie for example. But I try to base my work on themes and to write a short scenario for each track. It helps me to stay focused and not scattered. If I work without constraints it sounds like shit, so this implies not making wrong choices from the beginning.

Question N°7 : What programs and instruments do you use for your Music ?

Ableton Live 9 and some vstis.

Question N°8 : What are the plans and goals for CARPENTER BRUT in 2015 ?

None. I do what I have to do in the moment and I see what can be the next step. In music, setting goals for the long run is the best way to fail.

Question N°9 : How you came to the Name “Carpenter Brut” Is there a special meaning to it ?

Yes, it comes from Charpentier Brut champagne, which is not bad either. It started as a joke but at the end it sounds pretty good.

Question N°10 : Are there any collabs planned with other artists or vocalists ? Or are there other artist you would love to collab with ?

There is nothing planned for now. I don’t know how the album will sound yet so it’s hard to imagine who I’d like to work with – even if I would love to have some singers as an ego trip. Right now it is still too early to foresee anything.

Question N°11 : We spoke a bit over the mystic of CARPENTER BRUT and there is no “face”. You see CARPENTER BRUT more as a symbol ? What is the Message you want to tell ?

I think the final product is always more interesting than the person behind it. I prefer that people like Carpenter Brut or not mostly for the music. This is the most important in this project. Who is behind it, where is he from, what does he look like, how old is he: why does it matter to know all that? What’s the name of Coldplay’s bassist?

Question N°12 : You have three upcoming live shows. What can we expect ? What will the people see on stage ?

We’ll be three on stage: drums, guitar and keyboards. We try to do something fun that will entertain people for an hour. Nothing more. We don’t try to show off. We have very little money to invest for now, hopefully it will get better with time. We will start with something very basic and we will improve little by little along the way.

Question N°13 : You finished the work on EPIII what is the next step efter finishing the musical trilogy ? A full lenght album ?

Yes, it should be. Maybe a live album before, to definitively end the trilogy. But as I said, I don’t plan anything, so I will figure it out when the time comes.

Question N°14 : On every EP Artwork there is a upside down crucifix. What does that symbol mean to you ? Do you have interest in occultism and demonology maybe ?

Not at all. There are two things. The first one is a reference to Justice, a band that I love and inspired me to play this style of music. And the second one is more “philosophical”: there is good and bad in everyone. With my upside-down crosses, maybe I am nicer “to my neighbor” than some others who put them in the upright position.

Question N°15 : You have the CARPENTER BRUT Symbol which looks like a mix between a pentacle and a chaos star. Who created that symbol and what for power it has ?

Førtifem did it. We have worked together since the beginning and I gave them carte blanche. I just had two requirements: Satan and sexy. I would have loved to do it with blood on the floor and put myself in the middle to see what would happen but that is too hard to draw. I like the way it looks, it is both powerful and light.

Question N°16 : If you could choose one film director to make a music video for you who could that be ?

J.Carpenter of course.

Question N°17 : What are your favourite Movie flicks or Video Games ?

The Last Of Us: this video game blew me away. I’m not sure what to think about its adaptation into a movie though. Talking about movies, there are a ton but right now I have Dead Alive in mind. Ask me tomorrow and I will certainly name a different one.


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