Question N°1 : Can you please introduce yourself to those that may be new to your work ?

My name is Tom and I make music by the name Waveshaper – A modern retro sound influenced by the soundtrack of the 80:s. My music is not always strictly 80:s, but I have a passion for the soundscapes and combine them with modern influences as well.

Question N°2 : What are your musical influences ? What kind of music do you listen when not producing ?

I grew up with a lot of Jean Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk from my fathers vinyl player. The retro computer and video game age gave me a lot of influences as well. We had an Atari ST computer and many games had very good music. In modern days I listen to retrowave artist, of course. Beside that I am a big fan of the french electro scene, Daft Punk, Justice, Tellier, Oliver, Kavinsky.

Question N°3 : What is your earworm at the moment ? What have you listening to on repeat recently ?

Just recently I have been listening to Carpenter Brut EP III a lot. I really like the part of his music that has those unusual chord progressions etc. 🙂 And. I forgot. I have listened to Todd Terje ”its album time” a lot. He is a really great artist and big inspiration too.

Question N°4 : What inspires you while working on new Music ?

I usually always start with the theme of the track, just fooling around on some of my synthesizers. I am a bit selective when it comes to sound, So I can spend like 1 hour generating a good sound, – that gives me inspiration.

Question N°5 : What programs and instruments do you use for your Music ? What is your favourite VST you use ? And wich Drum Machine do you prefer ?

I am using Cubase 7.5 on a MacBook Pro, when it comes to VST.s My favorite is probably the NI FM8. Absolutely awesome Yamaha DX7 emulator for those crispy and crazy FM-sounds. Beside that I use a bunch of various VST:s. But I enjoy working with analog synths and have a big passion for vintage synthesizers. I use roughly 50/50 mix VST / HW synths.Favs analog synths are probably Roland Jupiter 4 and 6 along with my ARP 2600. Trivia – I used the ARP to create the strange FX in the beginning of ”System Failure” on “Solar Drifter”. Drum Machines. – I have An Oberheim DX that can handle different ROMs: like Linndrum etc. I combine it with drum samples together with NI Battery.

Question N°6 : What are your plans after the release of SOLAR DRIFTER ? After the Vinyl edition, do you plan on releasing it on CDs or tapes ?

The vinyl is the main event of the release, it will be packed with extra gems for those who buys it – including a bonus track that didn´t MAKE it to the EP. Unfortunately we had an issue with the supplier so now we are facing quite a big delay of 4-5 weeks. But it will be worth waiting for, and it is only pressed to an edition of 100 pcs.

After Solar Drifter I have been working ON two releases that I am very satisfied with actually. THEY will come out in a near future. BESIDES that I’M ABOUT TO START the next project focusED on a full length album.

Question N°7 : I saw a picture with a nice Terminator Action Figure on your Facebook Page. Do you collect stuff like that ? You also have some nice Movie Posters in your Studio. Does that help for Inspiration ?

Yeah. I can admit that I sometimes buy movie collectibles like action figures etc. Me and my brother tries to catch a comic con event a year – it usually end up in some new collectibles. Yeah. I am a big fan of original 80s posters, Most of the one I have are in Swedish, its fun because sometimes all the punchy Hollywood quotes ends up in some silly charming words when translated.

Question N°8 : What was the idea or inspiration for SOLAR DRIFTER ? What is the Direction you want to go with it ?

The aim was to bring out a bit faster waveshaper pace. I mean it is on “Rad Rush Records” 🙂 Well, I wanted to archive a quite clean retro sound with a goal to make it suitable for dancing as well as just enjoying.

Question N°9 : How you came to the Name “Waveshaper” ? Is there a special meaning to it ?

Hehe, I had like 10 different name ideas when I started the project. I ended up on Waveshaper. Sounded kinda cool, and it is a parameter found in synthesizers – wave shapes. The strange thing is that Lunar Boogie contacted me 3 days after we set the name. There was this other Swedish synth band that had taken the Facebook page – Waveshaper. Very strange coincidence. However we managed to have them changing their name after some friendy discussions.

Question N°10 : You are involved in the Game Soundtrack for “Starr Mazer” ? How did that came and what can we expect for your work for it ?

It was through Telefuture! They have many connections in the indie / underground game scene that can lead to this fantastic cooperations. I am glad to be a part of the tele future family. I am going to put a Waveshaper signature on the work. I really enjoy producing for movies and games when there are given frames. note, the participation of the guest producers is a stretch goal of 180 000 dollars. meaning – we need your help. here. I think the soundtrack of all these talents will be fantastic.

Question N°11 : The new Teaser Trailer for “Solar Drifter” was made with some really nice Pixel Graphics and also remained alot on an Retro Video Game. Who made that video and what was the inspiration for ? And who is the “Hero” with the Sunglasses in the Video ?

Yeah. We wanted some cool promo stuff for the release. The video is made by Sammr Rammr aka VJ Biolum. I met him during the “Flashback future disco Helsinki” gig last year. He is fantastic with visuals and graphics. hehe. He is just a random guy, a drifter “fighting against time”.

Question N°12 : If you could choose one film director to make a music video for you who could that be?

Ohh. I am a big film geek. difficult one. I think i would go “Old school James Cameron” I know that he is really demanding on everything, The movie ”The Abyss” was a nightmare to act in according to the once involved. Apart from him, “Old school Ridley Scott” :).

Question N°13 : What are your favourite Movie flicks or Video Games ?

I am a big fan of the 80.s sci / noir scene. Bladerunner, Terminator, The Running Man, Aliens, Carpenter stuff. Recently I am a big fan of Christopher Nolans movie, Interstellar was fantastic, the Batman trilogy, inception , The prestige etc. And I like how he teams up with Hans Zimmer for the score, it always ends up in a masterpiece.

Video games, I almost only play retro games. I haven’t owned a console since 1996 :). Me and a friend occasionally have retro game evenings, NES 8-bit, Super nintendo or Sega Genesis games mostly, – combined with some beer. I actually still get a lot of inspiration from retro games.

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