Question N°1: Can you please introduce yourself to those that may be new to your work?

Hi I am George Gold and Nightcrawler is my alter ego. I was born in Metropolis in 1979. I work as art director and graphic designer during the day, but when the sun goes down and the midnight rises I turn into Nightcrawler, ready to create dark and retrofuturistic music inspired by the 80s.

Question N°2: What are your musical influences? What kind of music do youlisten when not producing?

90s hiphop is my fav. I got a really big collection of music of that decade (cassette, CDs & Vinyls) but i also like a lot the terror soundtracks, recently i hear the IT FOLLOWS ost and was really impressive. Also i enjoy the experimental/atmospheric/drone genres.

Question N°3: What is your earworm at the moment? What have you been listening to on repeat recently?

Nowdays iam listening a lot THE DEVIL & THE UNIVERSE’s new album called HAUNTED SUMMER.

Question N°4: What inspires you while working on new Music?

Anything can inspire me. I can see a movie or listen to a song in my car and easily get that creative vibe inside me. Inspiration can be everywhere.

Question N°5: What programs and instruments do you use for your Music?

Ableton live, Oxygen 49 Keyboard, and NI Maschine…

Question N°6: What is your favorite Vst you use?

Korg M1, U.He Zebra 2, Tone 2 Saurus, among many others!

Question N°7: What are the plans after the release of the Strange Shadows EP ?

I would  like to put out at least a second album or a new EP. After that i would like to start doing some side proyects with a different music style, its been a while since i got the idea of work with new sounds. I want new challenges.

Question N°8: What was the idea or inspiration for Strange Shadows? Also the cover also made by yourself looks really good and remains a bit on a old school Giallo/Horror movie.

Yes! The inspiration for this album was without a doubt the old Giallo Movies.
I always try to give my albums a theme. My last LP for example was about a post-apocalyptic world. In this one i tried to make a giallo horror story, just like in the film BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO.

Question N°9: The Teaser trailer for your new EP looked really dark and moody like an old school Horror movie with all the fog and blood. Who made that trailer and what was the idea behind it?

That trailer was done by myself (design & edit) using some footage images and a bit of after effects. Was something i did fast just to give some extra promotion to the STRANGE SHADOWS EP.

Question N°10: How you came to the name “Nightcrawler”? Is there a special meaning to it?

When i start the proyect i remember always working on it at night, so i think it was very suitable nickname. Also… iam always cover of darkness.

Question N°11: You made some collabs with Dana Jean Phoenix and Vincenzo Salvia. Are there other artists you would love to collab with?

Dead Astronauts.

Question N°12: You made awesome covers from Goblin and Daft Punk! Do you plan to do more?

Yes, iam always making covers for other artists, but iam not sure which one will be next…

Question N°13: We spoke a bit about that you collect freaky stuff. What exactly and how it cames?

In my studio i have a lot retro stuff. I got some old videoconsoles from the 90s, a Spectrum, a old vinylplayer, a few joystics and a minicollection of figures from terror films, star wars, Marvel, Teenage Ninja Turtles, WWF etc…

Question N°14: If you could choose one film director to make a music video for you, who could that he?

Dario Argento.

Question N°15: What are your favorite movie flicks or video games?

Movies: Scarface, The Warriors, Blade Runner, Mad Max..
Games: Final Fight, Maniac Mansion and GTA V of course!


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