Arcade High

Can you please introduce yourself to those that may be new to your work?

My name is Ryan Boosel, I’ve been writing under the name Arcade High since 2012. My partner in crime, Patrick Farone, just joined on this past year. We’re both from outside of Pittsburgh, PA.

What are your musical influences? What kind of music do you listen when not producing?

We’ve been listening to a lot of yacht rock. lol Typically I like to listen to my Soundcloud “Likes” which is always slowly evolving and changing.

What is your earworm at the moment? What have you been listening to on repeat recently?

Right this moment, I can’t get “Picture This” by Kero Kero Bonito out of my head. Pat recently got stuck on “Starring” by Freelance Whales.

What inspire you while working on new Music? After the “Heat Wave” EP do you started on new Material? Is there something on the way you can talk about?

Our music tastes have quite a range. We like to try and pull inspiration from anywhere, even Top 40 songs sometimes. When listening to a song we don’t necessarily like, we tend to ask ourselves, is there any small moment in this song that we DO like? Maybe it’s just a certain clap sound or transition piece. How can we use that in one of our songs? And yes, we do have a new album on the way. We are currently writing as much as possible. I recently moved back into the city so it’s slowed down a bit, but we still get together at least once a week. We are taking our time with this one, hoping to release it late this year or early next year.

What programs and instruments do you use for your Music? What is you favorite VST? And which Drum Machine de you prefer?

I started out using Garageband for the my first album and EP (The Art Of Youth and Beauty Queen respectively) and we now use Logic Pro X.1. I would say a consistent plugin we go to is Massive or TAL-U-NO-X, but we recently bought a Juno 106 and Prophet 08 so we’ve been trying to use them more. Also Plogue’s Chipsounds and Magical 8-Bit have been super fun to use, but we’ve recently been trying to use LSDJ on a classic Gameboy for our chiptune elements.

How you came to the name “Arcade High”? Is there a special meaning to it?

In the early / mid 90s I was always begging my parents to take me to the local arcades. Old arcades and early 90s videos games (especially Sega Genesis) have always been a huge influence on me. On top of that, I was always drawn to this idea of youth in high school during the 80s. A lot of the classic movies deal with it, John Hughes being the big one. So I just tacked Arcade and High together as a nod to those two concepts. It seemed fitting at the time.

You posted at least a video on Youtube, a tutorial instruction for Logic X (Synthwave series) to show people how to create Synthwave. Is that a motivation for all the new talents out there or that some more preople try to start their own projects?

I would say it’s motivation for anyone getting starting in Logic Pro X in general or anyone getting started in Synthwave. I just felt there were hardly any tutorials out there geared toward this genre of music so I wanted to help fill the void.

You also posted on Facebook that you will make more tutorials for music production and graphic design. What can we esxpect in the future for that?

We plan on doing some other types of videos, branching out to things like learning synthesis, behind the scenes, or even possibly a studio tour etc. I definitely do want to touch on graphic design as well, things like making retro album art. I feel a lot of Synthwave artists have this mysterious veil over their identity and I want to pull that away with us to show people we’re just a couple of dummies making music in our bedroom studios. There’s nothing fancy here, anyone can do this with the right tools and creativity. When I first started making this music, I didn’t have anyone to show me the ropes other than my peers. So I’m hoping these videos can at least be an additional resource for anyone trying to learn.

Arcade High started as a solo project and now got a new member. Why there was time for a “duo”? Will you play live shows or are plans for that?

Funny enough, we started playing together doing live shows. I brought him on because I felt playing live alone would be nerve wracking and boring to travel. After playing 2 or 3 shows, I was really happy with the creative collaboration we had. We do plan on playing more live shows, but we are waiting till we finish up the new album.

You wrote a song for the RAGE Soundtrack called “Rise from you graves” which was a darker side of Arcade High. A very good intense song. Is there a chance to hear more from the Dark Side of Arcade High in the future?

Haha thanks! Yeah, we’ve been joking around with the term “Pulpwave” with this new album. We want to take the usual Arcade High style and give it a little edge. So the songs will probably end up ranging from the light hearted to something a little grittier. We’ve also been really playing around with in-your-face dance-style beats to really get the toes tapping.

For “Pixel Passion” there was a limited run for a special NES case, what looked amazing! Is there a chance for a reprint? Or can we expect something special like that for the Future releases?

The amazing Steve Jenkins, from Telefuture, made those by hand. I’ve been asked that question a lot, and from talking to him, I doubt we will see any more of those made. With that said, I’m a big fan unique packaging like that and would definitely love to see something similar for our next album. I’m not sure what yet, but we have some time.

You guys are also featured on the “Star Mazer” Soundtrack. Who did that came? And will you make more music for Video Games or/Movies in the future? Anyhthing you can tell us yet?

The director Don Thacker is a big fan of Arcade High, so he requested that we do a song for the game. We actually just finished up a meeting for it. We signed an NDA so we can’t say too much, but we can say we will be working with a female vocalist. I would love to do more video games or movies, but people have to contact us!

If you could choose one film director to make a music video for you who could that he?

John Carpenter. Period.

What are your favorite Movie flicks or Video Games?

The Thing. Alien. Drive. Those are my trifecta of awesome. Video games range from the more modern Metal Gear Solid series and Left 4 Dead, to the more classic Bubble Bobble and Castlevania 2 (yes, I said it). I also love beat-em-up games like the Streets of Rage series and Golden Axe. I’ve recently been playing my way through Earthbound for SNES. Really enjoying that one so far.

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