Can you please introduce yourself to those that may be new to your work?

My mom calls me Klayton. I have a few projects (Celldweller, Circle of Dust) and my synthwave project is “Scandroid.”

What are your musical influences? What kind of music do you listen when not producing?

I am a child of the 80s and grew up on 80s radio. It started with punk and metal and I eventually moved on to New Wave. Hearing the sounds and songs of artists like Depeche Mode. Berlin, Thompson Twins, Tears for Fears… This was the music that defined an important part of my life.

What is your earworm at the moment? What have you listening to on repeat recently?

The new GosT album, The best of Howard Jones. Crystal Castles – Amnesty, Kebu – Perplexagon.

What inspires you while working on new Music?

Most of the time it’s me trying to create music to fit the visuals I’m creating in my head. It’s almost like scoring my own movie that nobody will ever see. The quest for cool sounds is always inspiring and can help bring an entire song together when I find a sound I love.

What programs and instruments do you use for your Music? What is your favourite VST you use? And which Drum Machine do you prefer?

I use Cubase as my main recording tool. For the Scandroid album I used almost all hardware synthesizers. Some of the gear I used on the album:
Roland Juno 60, Moog Vocoder, Sequential Circuits Prophet 600, Roland System 100M, ARP 2600, Yamaha Reface CS, Dave Smith Tom Oberheim OB-6, Roalnd Juno 106, Alesis HR16 Drum Machine, Arturia Micro & Mini Brute, Boss BF-3 Flanger, Moog Minimoog Model D, Moog Voyager, Eurorack Modular System, Synthesizers.Com Modular, Modcan 5U Modular, Buchla 200e System.
I have thousands of samples from vintage drum machines and used a variety of them on the album.

Your main project is Celldweller, how you came to the Synthwave scene? How was the idea/project behind Scandroid was born?

Celldweller is my main musical project, yes but I’ve been creating 80s-type music for awhile. I put out a score for my novel “Blackstar” and it had a “synthwave” style before I knew what synthwave was. I didn’t create Scandroid to be part of a musical movement, but it was because I’ve been wanting to make 80s styled music since the 80s! A few years ago I finally had the time to dedicate to working on that sound and during the process discovered artists in the underground doing something similar. Lazerhawk, Miami 1984, Barretso and more. So this got me even more excited to finish a full album for Scandroid, knowing there were other artists interested in the same sound.
Question N°7: Is there some Synthwave/Dark Synth Artist you would love to collab/work?
There are a few for sure that I think would make for a good collab – Pertubator, Carpenter Brut. Dance With the Dead, Mitch Murder…

If you could choose one film director to make a music video for you who could that be?

1980s era Ripley Scott, no question. The films he made in the 80s inspired me on many, many levels.

What are your favourite Movie flicks or Video Games?

Both are hard to choose, because there are so many good ones. Movies would be Tron, Aliens, Terminator 1 & 2, Bladerunner, Escape from New York. Games would be the arcade versions of Donkey Kong, Moon Patrol, Galaga, Centipede. Space Invaders.
Question N°10: DC or Marvel? Star Wars or Star Trek? Fulci or Romero? And why?
I would have to go with Marvel because of one comic I collected as a kid – Ghost Rider. It’s a shame the movies were horrible, because he’s such a great character and they ruined his potential to be a great modern anti-hero.
This one is such a difficult choice, but it would have to go to Star Wars. My dad took me out of school in 1977 to see this film because he was so inspired by it. The lines were so long that the only way he could get us to see it was to go when everyone else was in school. How cool is my dad??
Director would have to go to Romero. His films still hold up and are entertaining.

You played some live shows, what was the coolest/most rad moment on tour?

Hard one to answer, but i’d have to say going on as the sun was rising in Sao Paulo, Brazil for 25,000 people while Alex Grey was painting on a platform in the middle of that sea of people was a moment I probably won’t ever forget.
Question N°12: What was the best or worst thing on tour and do you have a crazy funny tour story to tell?
Touring in general is not my favorite thing to do. I like being in my studio, but the best moments are when you connect with other people who let you know how your music and lyrics have affected their lives in a positive way. That’s irreplaceable.

Before going on stage, how do you warm up and get in the right mood for a show?

Generally i’m thinking over the set and what parts I need to make sure I don’t screw up. lol.

What is the next step for you after the release of your SCANDROID Album? A new ep? A new Album? Or other projects youre involved in?

The full Scandroid album is just about to come out and I already have another full release almost ready to go for next year. It’s mainly remixes by great artists like Dance With the Dead, GosT, Waveshaper, D.notive. Daniel Deluxe, PYLOT as well as a few brand new tracks i’m working on right now. I’m finishing up an album for my heavy industrial project “Circle of Dust” due out this year as well. I’ll be doing the synth / electronic programming for the upcoming Transformers 5 movie, wrapping up the “Killer Instinct” video game score i’m doing with Atlas Plug, and working on my products for my Hardware/Software music production company “Refractor Audio.” Lots to keep me busy

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