Dana Jean Phoenix

Can you please intriduce yourself to those that many be new to your work ?

Hello!! My name is Dana Jean Phoenix and I am a Retro-Electro-Cabaret Synthpop artist (when Blondie meets Madonna meets Bette Midler)!

What are your musical influences ? What kind of music do you listen when not producing ?

Musical influences range from David Bowie, Prince, Michael Jackson, Genesis, Annie Lennox to Garth Knight, Tommy 86, Little Dragon and Kristine. Also, Dolly Parton cuz she’s a badass petite blonde who knows how to write killer hits!!

Waht is your earworm at the moment ? What have you listening to on repeat recently ?

Songs on repeat these days are “He’s So Shy“ –Pointer Sisters, “IOU“ –Freeze, “True Survivor“ –David Hasselhoff/Mitch Murder, and “Inner Visions“-Timecop1983.

Waht inspires you while working in new Music ?

What really inspires me is all the amazing producers, artists, and musicians who I collaborate with. Also, all the awesome female artists from the past and present who aren’t afraid to control their own destiny and carve their own path.

What programs and instruments do you use for your Music ? What is your favourite VST you use ? And wich Drul Machine do you prefer ?

I use Logic Pro X for all my music projects. I’m a big fan of my Arturia plug-ins for a wide range of synths. As for drum machines, 808s all the way baby!!

You worked with many producers and artist from the Synthwave-Scene. Is there any artist you ever wanted to work with from there ?

I really dig Miami Nights 1984. I would love to collab with him. Plus, he’s a Canadian too!

For the “Funky Fly N’ Free” Artowrk you look loke a Superhero you also share often the works from Lord Mesa Art. Are you a Comic-Nerd maybe ? What is your favourite male and female Superhero ?

I jock comics and I especially dig X-men!! Favourite female Superhero is Rogue – Dig that southern accent, sass, and tomboy style. As for the guys, Blade is king.

Star Trek or Star Wars ?

Star Trek will always have my heart. A world free from poverty and racism? Totally logical, doable, and inspiring! Plus, I’ve got a delicious parody of the TNG theme song on my youtube channel!

Do you watched Avengers 2 Age of Ultron ? Do you liked it ? What was your highlight in the Movie ?

Yes!! I thought they took the CGI to a whole new level! Favourite part was James Spader as Ultron. His voice seriously brought that sinister robot to life!!

If you could choose one film director to make a music video for you who could that be ?

Fellow Canadian Floria Sigismondi. I became a fan when I saw she had directed David Bowie’s ’Little Wonder’ video. So striking, and so different. If Jim Henson were still with us however (R.I.P.), I would ask him to direct an updated Labyrinth-inspired video, complete with muppets, me, and David Bowie in tights!!

What are your favourite Movie filcks or Video Games ?

Favourite movie of all time is A Fish Called Wanda. I don’t get the time to play new game systems much, so I would have to say my favourite video game of all time is Super Mario Bros. 3! I’m all about the retro!!



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