Vermair – Bloody Fingers

by | Jan 20, 2017

Zero to Synth in no time!

It has been a bit for us Synthwavers out there to get bit by the bug, and by bug, we mean, the Outrun bug. And we don’t need a salve for this one! It’s immediately given us the itch for hard turns, peel outs, drifting, taking sweet jumps and going as fast as humanly possible and it is all thanks to this bloody brilliant Frenchman.

Vermair’s new song called, “Bloody Fingers” from the upcoming “Go Fast” EP will be hitting the streets and squalling rubber on the asphalt on January 18, 2017, from Rila Recrods

Putting this track on will transport you to the treacherous and hilly streets of San Francisco, you be sailing over the hills in your Lamborghini with the SFPD right on your tail and howling like a banshee on the moors.

This song does not give you time to get situated and fasten your seatbelt. No, it takes off as soon as you shut the door. Your head thrown back into the head rest, your shoulders pressed hard into the seat. So pop this song on, get ready and brace yourselves for a near life experience.