Hamerzya – Welcome, Strange Visitor

Artist: Hamerzya
Album: Welcome, Strange Visitor
Released: April 12th, 2016

Hamerzya are here with their brand new LP entitled: Welcome Strange Visitor. There is a lot of interest in this release, and after hearing it there will be a lot more.

After the Carpenter-esq intro we go straight into the prog-rock and synth infused “Are We Likely”, with Lisa-Marie’s empowering lyrics giving the track a guiding hand. You’ll be humming the lyrics long after this has finished.

Next up is the synth pop “London ’79”. When you hear that this outfit are from Texas, USA, you will be pleasantly surprised by the way they have crafted a euro-synth-sound which “Visage” could have put together. Brilliant. The LP builds in strength with “Extra Dimensional Pulses”. Another track; another sound. Versatility aplenty from Hamerzya, which a deep electronic number. Imagine the “Eurythmics” were sent to the year 2100 to record new material.

“When You’re Lost” is a beautiful and euphoric record. Here’s the time to relax, close your eyes, and drift…

“Machines With Feelings” takes us down To the very depths of technology. Do the machines we use and, often, take for granted have feelings?

On reflection: yes, and we should respect them.. As one day they might be asking the same question about us. Then, an injection of pace from “Surfin’ The Electric Sky”: a short and sweet electro-ride into the unknown. It feels raw and acidic, and ultimately addictive. Sat up its the LP title track, “Welcome, Strange Visitor”.

Full of mystic, you can picture a visitation from someone, or something, alien to what we know. This piece highlights the LP by showcasing the groups progressive sound.

With regards to Hamerzya: we will be watching what they do with intent. A positive future beckons for this fledgling and. Overall, this is a great introduction into the scene from a band that has a lot more to come. Hamerzya: stay strong!