The mist is thick and the drums wait patiently. A lick of crimson hangs on the horizon. Day is about to break.

Lurking, brooding, in the graveyard, is a man whom is ready to set the night a blaze and bring you back for one last act in the land of the living.

The touch paper is lit and the words begin their passage to your sub conscience. You emerge from the shadows and raise your head. The ground is uneasy and littered with those whom have been both forgotten or forgiven.
When the dawn breaks it burns your moistened eyes, from retina to the back of your mind.

We now stand under the killing sun. Our bodies being purged by light. Our bodies being smacked by ravaging heat. Cleansed, we must escape the rays, lugging our weary hollow shells, and search for the stranger in the mirror, for me must not return to dust.

Your last image has shifted to the front of your thoughts. This person took everything. Vendetta when life and love is stripped so aggressively from our being – meat being torn from a carcass by a vulture. You remember everything. All that is left is for this friend turned stranger to fall. The queen of vengeance appears from the wreckage that is your reflection: The image of the stranger was the pain that galvanises you.

Now, seeing yourself, filling with rage, the thought of death upon the one whom wronged you is all too powerful.
Upon your journey you urge yourself not to slay, but the feeling is tough to keep at bay. Especially, in the heat of the moment, and with the will of the world behind you, you kill, still. You are placed on the threshold of redemption. But, before you cross, one question flood’s your mind… Wasn’t it enough that I was slain?

It is a question that now cannot be answered. Unnecessary pain requires intolerance. Your retribution will go un-judged for it is time to return to the underworld. There your love now resides. Your heart is races for the final time, and the last rush of existence floods your body.

The need for the world of the light is no longer needed, for somewhere in the dark you will be together, again.
The noose is set. One drop, one moment, and you will be reunited. But this time it’s forever.

Confrontational is back with a delectably dark offering entitled ‘The Burning Dawn’, which we can quite easily state is his best work to date. Confrontational’s sound matures with each release, and his choice of collaborations is as astute as his carefully composed lyrics.

Cody Carpenter, Tying Tiffany, Trevor W. Church, and Tobias Bernstrup all given the chance to breath great and fantastic influence into the album, whether through voice, sound, or both.

Each track has something different to offer, yet all share the same allure: ‘The Burning Dawn’ will be an LP that once acquired will be played many times, as it reflects so many different moods.

Confrontational must be lauded for this release and encouraged to raise the bar for each production as every time he does, something like ‘The Burning Dawn’ happens.

Don’t be left in the cold. Get your copy of this release before you are cast to the shadows.

Exclusive track from the LP entitled ‘Queen of Vengance’ featuring Trevor W. Church comes courtesy of Confrontation. Douse your mind with it’s sound waves, as if you were dousing it with petrol. Hit play and ignite…