Stilz – Holding onto Yesterday

Still holding on.
Light and dark mix in Stilz latest release: The extended player entitled ‘Holding Onto Yesterday’.
This imagined soundtrack-esque 8-track melody maker featured soothing synths and big-bastard beats. Just what you would expect from an ever maturing Stilz. His sound will always have a signature, but yet the context is ever evolving.

Take the opening track, ‘The Day I lost You’. Its melodic but has a rugged edge, thanks to some aggressive keys and a guitar riff that would punish any 80’s soft rock number. Meteor is featured, and what a combo. Lets hope we never loose these two gifted artists. May they be ever-present.

‘Cold Rain’ is melancholic and menacing: There is always something lurking under the surface but you just cannot place your finger on it. Your skin will prickle, on listening to this track, as if the clouds diss-embowled innards had spat forth their spiky cold innards all over you.

The title track is next. The Encounter hops onboard to help craft an mesmeric and, at times, surreal synth-scape. Wonderfully crafted and a joy to listen to, with both musicians complimenting each other.

Continuing this most pleasurable experience, Stilz strips things back and brings forth Megan McDuffee, who’s voice is as smooth as honey. There is an air to this record. You can easily let it take you away to where ever it wishes. One had to drag himself back to complete this write up!
The names just keep coming. This time, Crockett joins Stilz. You have to take you hat off to Stilz for his selection of featured musicians, as every collaboration is different and an absolute pleasure. Crockett brings a side of aggression, here, and Stilz is happy to encourage this bear-in-a-cage of a track: Great to observe and listen to, but do not open the door… ‘Still Night’ will demand playing, repeatedly.

Who loves the colour purple? Me too! And who loves a track that both has purple in the title and makes you feel you are being smothered in purple silk? Well, prepare to be stimulated. ‘Purple Eyes’ will have you getting warm in all the right places. You can thank both Stilz and Dimi Kaye for that. Whether you chose to do this via message or in person is up to you. But prepared to be rocked by their handiwork.

The penultimate track, ‘A Stranger’s Stare’, will captivate you. Your eyes meet across a room and your body is flooded with wonder, and the final track, ‘Reaction (Instrumental)’ will have you searching for more.

A carefully constructed EP that is fluid and a great listen. Time and effort has gone into every piece that is featured. We can only hope for more.
Get hold of this release and hold on dearly to it.

I’m taking my copy with me to the stars…