OGRE – Murals


British composer and producer OGRE is a household name in the Synthwave scene. He released one successful album after another in recent years, oftentimes taking risks and overcoming the usual „every-track-is-a-catchy-three-to-four-minute-piece“-album format, thus embracing the creative freedom that comes with the internet age. Be it the album Gradients Live, which runs for about half an hour and is basically one long track split into six pieces, or his two part soundtrack series 194 and 195, where OGRE tells a dystopian Terminator-inspired story by utilizing many atmospheric and exiting fragments.


With his new album Murals, OGRE does something similar to his 2015 released record Gradients Live, since Murals is also one long jam that is reminiscent to some of Tangerine Dream’s finest works from the early 1970s. Just in the first few seconds, albums like Phaedra, Rubycon or even Tangerine Dream’s soundtrack for Williams Friedkin’s breathtaking thriller Sorcerer came to my mind. Furthermore, the album’s format and the musics presentation itself is very much 1970s, as the half an hour long record is split in into just two 15 minute long tracks. It’s nothing to just skip through. Murals is meant to be listened to carefully. It’s a mysterious and beautiful long journey that could serve as an alternate soundtrack for Sorcerer or Werner Herzog’s mesmerizing adventure-drama Fitzcarraldo (masterfully scored by Popol Vuh).