Timecop1983 – Lovers EP – PART I

Artist: Timecop1983
Album: Lovers EP
Released: July 22nd 2016

Listening to “Timecop1983” one can only get all dreamy.

Its that feeling when your mind detracts itself from your body, leaving your thoughts to float, unchallenged, towards a bottomless waterfall. You can only drift as the mist envelopes you. This release is no different. Timecop1983 have a formula that can only be improved, and “Lovers EP – Part.1” is further filling of a world devoid of purity.

The opening, “Home (Prologue)”, is locking onto the eyes in that first encounter: the intermittent electrical flashes, the tingling sensation down your spine, and static charges buzzing all around you. All you can do is stare. Wonder fills you whilst your heart is bombarded. Coming back to reality, it is easy to get lost in this EPs fledgling sounds.

The next moment is crucial, as you need to know if the feelings you have are reciprocated. Can it be more? “Lovers (feat. SEAWAVES)”, is the look of this future love. Can you help being overwhelmed by the beautiful sounds and melodic vocals of this record? No. Let it happen and submerge yourself in its blissful bounty. Let love overpower you.

Melodica aplenty with the third track, entitled “Come Back”. Sometimes what you want and cherish disappears without a trace.

When will they return, will they still have the same feelings, and will everything be the same? More questions than answers. Either way, this is truly incredible piece of music that will leave you longing for more After touching on being patient, and longing, next up is the apt “Waiting”.

It can be a cruel mistress, playing the waiting game. Your unshakeable fondness will be tested, but that feeling of hurt is strangely addictive. Fortunately, pain is a limit thing. And what is even more fortuitous is the knowing that Timecop1983 won’t ever leave your side.

“Eyes Closed” is the beginning of the end of our tale of love and lust. The air of expectancy feels heavy, like the feeling before a storm. Its density weighs upon your mind and the pressure is almost too much to bare.

A charming track that leads us to the raw emotions that encourage the joy and anguish that can often bring…

“Tears”. A real emotional rollercoaster of thoughts, stirred into an electronic broth of sadness.

Not much else can be said about this record, its best just to experience it for yourself. However, I can guarantee that there will be no dry eye in the house when the last few seconds run through. To conclude, we are presented with “Gone”. A short but sweet number, bringing down the curtain to this wonderful album.

Again, I am not surprised by Timecop1983. And would I really want to be? there music is an everlasting evolution of blending of every content of the human mind with sounds that are cleverly picked to compliment.

There is no overuse. Every sound that is used is kept to the bare minimum, as each sound represents a thought, or a feeling.

Timecop1983 know how to create a soundscape that we can take with us everywhere, simply by closing our eyes and opening up our senses.

Can music really be the ultimate companion? After listening to “Lovers EP – Part 1”, I’d say it is.