Drive Radio Selection Volume 1

Artist: Drive Radio
Album: Selection Volume 1
Released: March 24th, 2016

This is an interesting review to be given, especially as it is one close to my heart. To see this wonderful station, that I am a part of, finally release this compilation brings a grin from ear-to-ear.

And for the artists who put there hands up, when asked to take up there time with creating an exclusive track (for the comp), I commend thee: your efforts have really bore fruit that will be devoured for years to come.There’s energy and drama, aplenty, here, with 10 absolutely solid tracks that will leave you breathless, and the less-is-more approach has really paid off. We decided that too many artists featured would have been too much of a good thing. Prince did this (pre-90’s), so did Daft Punk, and it always works.

You get quality rather than quantity. Anyway, bringing this delightfully intimate collection to a roaring start is “Waveshaper”, with “Showdown”. This artists knows how to play a synth and you be amazed at what he can do with it. This track simply rocks you. Nice meaty-beats beef up a future-world sound. Listen and simply loose yourself in the metropolis.

“Volt Age” is up next, and he’s brought a friend: “Jacob Betke”. With the most electrifying guitars I have heard in a while (hairs on the back of your neck territory), we are gifted a track fuelled only 100% lightening. You may want to take cover.

Next up, it’s a group that know no boundary to progression, as they just keep moving forward. No lyrics, this time, but what you do get is feeling through a sonic-soundscape that really does make you feel that you’re surrounded by a wall of warmth. Warmth, we hasten to add, personally sent from the group directly from the shores of LA. The only thing missing is some red wine… Now, here is where the compilation shows a harder, more gritty edge.

“Nike Nine” is a force in the genre, and when combined with another, “Absolute Valentine”, you get: “Road Part 2”. Its a trip into the unknown, and Niky is a master at leading us down synth-lanes to either death or glory. A track that can be enjoyed in a club or listening through your headphones whilst out beating the streets; “Road Part 2” is for any energetic occasion. This time the road leads us to outer limits; space, to be exact.

“Lazerhawk” can paint a picture with music. One day, I am sure, this artist will score a motion picture. But, for now, he has scored you in a journey to “Space Station”. Space never sounded so mysterious and, yet, beautiful. I had to check (on first listen) that this was not lifted from “Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks”, its that good.

Bringing us back to earth, and to the road, is “Absolute Valentine” with “Extreme Drift. Forever consistent; forever challenging the boundaries of sound; Forever in the scene, it feels. AV lives and breaths synthwave and, in typical fashion, has created this pleasing piece with his usual passion.

With the next track, I can only wish that there is an arcade game called “Night Rain” (please inform me if there is), as this would be a fantastic opening intro-based-soundtrack. I feel I need to go raid my money-jar and head to the local amusements facility. “Phaserland” has really put together something that will only please the inner-gamer in you.

Up next: “Robert Parker”. Is there anything else thats needed to be said? Okay, I’ll state the obvious: a great artist. Also: “Race To Paris” is simply ace. Get in your car and go, as RP doesn’t hang around…

Seamlessly from one to another great sounding artist, “Dance With The Dead” have carved in with the penultimate track. “Snapped” has the signature sound you’d expect from DWTD, of which will not disappoint. Ever wondered what it would be like to be the main protagonist in a horror-flick; DWTD give you that role, and you’ll love it! I just hope you don’t scare easily.

Finally, with a sigh, this compilation is brought to a close, and by no other than by Carpenter Jnr himself, “Ludrium”. Coming away from the prog-rock sound, that is synonymous of CC, we are treated to a twinkling and sparkling neb-retro “Starlight Desire”. “Ludrium” has shown that he has a lot in the musical bag, that has been passed down the family tree, as you will, no doubt, enjoy this as much as I do. From start to finish, it really is hard to skip through tracks even when it is a case of having to.

Every artist has put their all into this selection, of which highlights the efforts that all the artists in the scene are doing week-in, week-out. And this was what we, at Drive, wanted to do: give a slice of how important and how exciting our musical world is, right now.

Here’s to everyone who has made this happen and here’s to the future!