Phaserland – Resemblance In Machine

Artist: Phaserland
Album: Ressemblance In Machine
Released: November 2nd, 2015

Enjoy late night synth wave, then look no further than this neon-rich EP from Phaserland. Evoking the humble beginnings of the 80s inspired synthwave genre and yet throwing in neo-electronica sounds, to really give this release a fresh sound.

Phaserland have a progressive approach to each track, that they have gradually crafted and gained ground on the bigger artists, with each step.

Upon listening, you will feel that there is something big in the making. From the intro, “Dusty Universe”, we are introduced to oriental sounds that have been bathed in late-night liquid then scorched with ultraviolet light.

These sounds reverberate throughout the EP, of which is pleasant and no-way repetitive.

“Resemblance” makes moves beyond midnight; a track that has retro touches from both Japanese Manga and American 80s TV themes. Pop your collar and let that baseline ride your mind.A very enjoyable track.

The next couple of tracks keep the ride going: “Escape Route” and “We Go Tonight” both deliver pace, for any sweat-based workout, and feel-good vibes, to keep that adrenaline pumping.

“Room For Love” is a room where love happens in various cut sequences (lot’s of hungry, over-the-top kissing), wind rippling through linen veils, and the an outside shop sign blinking shadows across moist, naked, toned flesh. Yep, its a hot one, so be careful listening to whilst on public transport…

“Blue Green Dreams” brings us back from soft porn shenanigans with feels like it should feature in a Beverly Hills Cop movie. Its fun, charming, and, ultimately, wants to do the right thing in the end.

Of which brings this fantastic EP to a close. For $5 this is a snip and will be enjoyed for many moons, and showcases a talent that will bring forth many more treats to the table.

“Resemblance In Machine” is an absolute dream.