The Judgeman – USB

Artist: The Judgeman
Album: USB
Released: September 26th, 2015

The Judgeman is here with his debut EP entitled ‘USB (Universal Synth Bass), showing the world that the synthwave vibe stretches as far-and-wide as Malaysia.

Picture a far-east Asian metropolis, 50 years from now: buildings reaching beyond the clouds, streets flooded with neon-lights, and ultra-fast technology. This is what “USB” is all about. This is his vision. It all starts with a relaxed introduction, in the form of “Jack In”.

This is the lead-up to the cityscape that appears from beyond the horizon. It inches into view, drawing you to a city that contains many hidden horrors and promises of bliss.

The tempo then steps up a notch, with “Max Speed” and “Land of Viruses”. Both bring something different; especially the later, which is like an inner battle of the conscious.

Going through the six tracks, you can hear many influences. From “Kavinsky” to “the Pet Shop Boys”, you can sense the artist has combed the world of electronica, from the present way back to the cusp of the 1980’s.

“Voice In My Head” reflects indulgence in the last few decades, and “Memory (feat A-Kid & Daney)” even draws from the world of hip-hop. This EP really is a universe in itself.

To conclude, “Jack Out” boasts neat effects and catchy synths; an arcade machine that wears shades and enjoys walking the streets, looking to play its own game.

So, an artist who has let his inner self wonder through the digital timeline, only to bring back electronic treasures for our dimension to enjoy. And don’t take our word for it, have a listen for yourself.. Or should we say: you be the judge.