Fixions – Realms

Artist: Fixions
Album: Realms
Released: 16th August 2015

Fixions are back with ‘Realms’, and its python powered.

With fresh album artwork that will have your eyes captivated like a 5 year old watching an ice-cream truck, and high-end electronica that will have your sinews sizzling. Your bones may fall out of your body.

This is an odyssey of sound, with your musical journey taking in such genres as cyberpunk, retro 80s, synthwave, and outrun. Breakbeat even sneaks in the back-door, with Fixions not being afraid to dip their toes into the salty sea of sound.

At times you feel like your touring an arcade, and others you are on a fairground; flashing lights and candy floss. It is hard to put a label on what musical landscape Fixions are trying to paint, and that is not a bad thing.

From the relentlessness of ‘Snatcher’, with its rolling bass, beats, and synths, to the aggressiveness of ‘Persistence’, you will become a slave to the vibe that this artist has purposely ensnared you with.

In fact: you’ll like it. ‘Holophasm’ is the perfect title for the third track; have a listen for yourself. Its mesmerising, and will make you wonder whether you’re in a daydream or if you are under the influence of a substance that could have only been created by the dolphin people.

And just when you gain your senses and reach for the pause button, to catch your breath and to snatch back for your sanity, the moment passes quicker than the blink of an eye. Whenever you go to leave, there is a word that highlights any hosts approach to keep you within their company… Its called ‘Insistance’. This track keeps you locked in.

However, you have but a moment to spare, as you cannot afford to miss ‘The Last Shuttle’. This is a hulking track. Thick, thudding beats, blended with serene synths, take you on a journey through dark and mysterious places, warping the very fabric of space.

The end of the line comes in the form of ‘Pyrhonus’. It is new wave in a new form. Imagine ‘Tangerine Dream’ mating dreamwave with dubstep, in your spare bedroom. You would think this would be the case of ’three’s a crowd’, but no. It is something quite remarkable, and ends this short but sweet album rather well.

Once it is over you will feel like you have just disconnected from the mains; as if electricity has been running through every vein in your body.

To not feel energised after listening to ‘Realms’ would be like saying no to a pay rise.

When machines take the place of people (hopefully not soon), music would have evolved into liquid form. And this is what AI would drink to recharge their batteries.

Buy it now, then you can pretend to be a robot just like I am right now, charging up.