Vector Hold – Night Marauder

Artist: Vector Hold
Album: Night Marauder
Label: Aphasia Records
Released: 21 July, 2015

Vector Hold (Peter Brian Rice) brings us a darker-themed release with this album. The Intro: I Work Alone sets almost a melancholy vibe or melodic feel as you hear some quite spooky wind alternating your speakers. Vector’ blasts us into the fray with the next track, Gridlock. This one starts off with a really awesome ‘vox’ synth, followed by some perfectly syncopated drums. Doesn’t anyone feel like they’re watching an 80’s fight scene?

Next up is “Drifting”. This track is my favorite on the album. Featuring Dave Stoltenberg on lead guitar. His riffs almost sounds like Joe Satriani took a ride in the DeLorean and couldn’t set down his guitar the whole way. Whether you’re at the race track, or just heading out for a drive to work, onto a nice summer day, to a dark, quiet, night by yourself on the road, this song is one to hit that repeat button on.

As a North-westerner myself, I can’t help gravitating towards “Pacific Skyline” as my next favorites tracks. With a driving back-beat and very light and melodic melodies, this song takes me to a summers sunset along the interstate. Traffic even becomes less of a nightmare when this song is pouring out of my sound system. Dare I use the cliche “Miami Vice” reference here ? Give this track a few listens and you’ll fall in love more and more each time !

The general feel of the album is dark, gritty, and almost “16 bit”, as I like to call it. Perfect for a late night drive with friends or a solo, melancholy mood listening party of one. Gamers and Synthwavers alike will find something to enjoy in this album as it has quite the variety of uplifting tracks to dark moving grooves.

Give Vector Hold a listen and help keep the Synthwave movement alive and strong !

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